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Last month on the monthly conference call for the Republican National Committee’s Women’s Coalition, the Pink Elephants, our special guest was Kellyanne Conway, CEO and President of The Polling Company, Inc.  Mrs. Conway is one of the most quoted and noted pollsters on the national issues.  Many of you may have seen her as one of the Republican spokespersons on Fox and other major news shows.  In addition to having provided hundreds of demographic and attitudinal survey projects for statewide and congressional political races, Kellyanne is Editor and Publisher of WomenTrends.  This is a quarterly publication that provides the latest news on a multitude of current and prospective lifestyle, financial, health, ethnic, work, entertainment, green, technological, and generational trends.

Mrs. Conway’s comments on various voting trends and her advice on outreach effort which is needed to various groups of women, especially Hispanic and Asian women, will be of interest to you. You can listen to Kellyanne’s comments by clicking on http://www.gop.com/pinkelephantcalls.htm.


Dear Members,
We begin a new year in a new political climate and with that comes new challenges and opportunities.
Our new GOP Chairman, Kevin DeWine, has announced plans to do extensive outreach for the party across this state now, not just before the next election.  He has underscored the importance of women voters and candidates and he has recognized the importance of the Institute in this effort. 
Now is the time to recruit new members to the next Institute class.  Now is the time to begin the process of grooming candidates for the next election.  Now is the time to recognize that these next two years are rebuilding years for the party and we have an obligation to be part of that rebuilding. 
We have opportunities to make a difference.  Let’s seize those opportunities. 
I look forward to seeing you at the summer picnic!
Betty Montgomery, Chair
Davidson Ohio Leadership Institute


Chairman Kevin DeWine's 10 Point Plan

It's time to start leading Ohio to a better future.

As the new chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, I'm committed to building a bold, visionary team of Republican leaders who can help confront today's challenges and create tomorrow's opportunities. That starts with a strong party organization built around the following fundamentals:
• An allegiance to our platform and principles
• A strategic focus on candidate recruitment and training
• A state-of-the-art voter identification and turnout operation
• A strong partnership with all 88 county Republican Party organizations
• A commitment to growth through aggressive and diplomatic outreach
• An investment in new media and technology
• An expansion of fundraising opportunities
• An enforcement of strong ethical standards

Rather than simply offering criticism, we need to provide solutions. Rather than purging our ranks, we need to multiply them. Rather than always looking back for inspiration, we need to look forward to a new generation of leaders ready to restore our reputation as a party of ideas and principle.

Below is my 10-point plan for building a new Ohio Republican Party. I'm asking for your feedback and your support. To join the team, visit the Feedback page. I hope you'll also consider making a contribution to our efforts. Thanks for your interest in Leading Ohio.

Kevin DeWine
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party

1. Restore our conservative credibility
2. Develop a broad policy agenda
3. Build beyond our traditional base
4. Re-engage the middle class
5. Connect on campuses
6. Develop advanced voter contact programs
7. Utilize new technology to improve message delivery
8. Create a comprehensive political education program
9. Improve candidate recruitment
10. Enforce a zero-tolerance policy for misconduct

Click to download complete plan or
View plan online at www.leadingohio.com


Mary Sullivan Named New Board Member
Mary W. Sullivan, Of Counsel at the Peck Shaffer Law Firm, is the Leadership Institute’s newest Board member.  Mary is former Chairman and Member of the Ohio Elections Committee and Chair of the Hamilton County Public Defender Commission.  She has practiced Public Finance Law for over 28 years.

Kay Ayres Re-Elected

Board Member Kay Ayres was re-elected as Ohio Co-Chair of the Ohio Republican Party.


Washington DC Trip - April 28, 29 & 30th
The 2009 Class will be heading to Washington, D.C. on April 28.  Meetings with both public and private sector leaders are being planned now by the Program Committee. 
If you are interested in attending any part of the D.C. program and if you need lodging, please contact Linda Dotson no later than Friday, March 6.

Annual Picnic - Details Coming Soon

Details as to time and place for the Annual Picnic will be announced in the next several weeks. Check upcoming editions of the newsletter.

Friday, March 27

Board Meeting only - 10 a.m.
Thursday, June 25
Summer Picnic and Board Meeting
4:30 p.m. meeting - 6:30 p.m. Summer Picnic for members
Friday, September 1
Board Meeting only - 10 a.m.
Wednesday, September 16
Orientation/First Class Day - 6 p.m. dinner
Thursday, November 12
Board Meeting and Continuing Education
11:30 a.m. lunch - 1 p.m. continuing education program


Don’t forget that the deadline for applications for next year’s Institute class is June 30, 2009.   Please refer prospective candidates to our website at www.jadleadershipinstitute.com.  Applications can be downloaded on the website which also includes a great deal of information which might be of interest to candidates who want to know more about our program.

You are our Best Recruiters!
Encourage Quality Women to Apply!


Members pledged $2.500.00 to benefit women running for office in honor of Jo Ann's service as Co-chair of the RNC at the November Member meeting.

Jan Hills, Sara Walsh, Kathy Eshelman, Jo Ann Davidson, Valoria Hoover



Members Take Office
State Representative Cheryl Grossman (2001 Class) was sworn in to serve her first term as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives. Click to download press release.

Diane Delaplane
(2005 Class) was elected as County Commissioner in Darke County.

Barb Queer (2006 Class) was elected as County Commissioner in Ashland County.

Sharon Gingerich (2007 Class) was elected as County Recorder in Geauga County.



Nancy Nix (2003 Class) was elected as County Treasurer in Butler County.




Cindy Pike
(2002 Class) was elected as Common Pleas Clerk of Court in Darke County.




Tina Meranda (2006 Class) was elected as Common Pleas Clerk of Court in Brown County.

Douglass takes lead at Belmont CIC office
December 2008 - ST. CLAIRSVILLE - A key component to success in a tough economy is the ability to spark the growth of good, living-wage jobs. In Belmont County, that is the role of the Community Improvement Corporation’s Department of Development. Entering 2009, the department moved forward into the new year with a new executive director at the helm. Sue Douglass (2001 Class) served as associate director of the CIC/DOD in 2008, assuming the role previously held by Jason Stanford, who left in early 2008. In December, the CIC’s board of trustees named Douglass as executive director of the department, filling the position previously held by Eva Lunder, who left in 2007. Click to view full story

Erin O'Donnell named German Village Society's New Executive Director
December 2008 - German Village resident Erin O’Donnell (2004 Class) has been named Executive Director of the German Village Society, effective January 1.

Ms. O’Donnell, a lifelong resident of Central Ohio, has more than 10 years experience working in local, state and federal government as a fund-raiser and in communications and political-event planning. Click to download press release.

Tawana Lynn Keels named Ohio School Boards Association President
January 2009 - Tawana Lynn Keels (2001 Class) was installed as the next President of the Ohio School Boards Association on Sunday, January 11, 2009 at the Great Oaks Institute of Technology and Career Development in Cincinnati.



Randi Ostry LeHoty Reappointed as Commissioner of the Court of Claims
Randi Ostry LeHoty (2002 Class) was reappointed to a six-year term as Commissioner of the Court of Claims of Ohio.  She sits on the appellate bench of the Court of Claims, adjudicating cases under the Ohio Victims of Crime Act.


Diane Carnes Trains to be a Federal Political Coordinator
Diane Carnes (2004 Class) has taken on new responsibilities in her position as Realtor.  She traveled to Washington D.C. in early February to participate in a National Association of Realtors training event to learn how to be a Federal Political Coordinator to work with her area’s federal legislator, Congressman Steve Austria.

Belinda Kenley National League of Cities Committee Appointments
Centerville City Councilmember Belinda Kenley (2005 Class) was recently appointed by the National League of Cities to serve on the Small Cities Council Committee and the Community and Economic Development Council Committee for 2009.  In addition, she is completing a six-month “Building Operator Certification” program for her position as Business Development Director at Waibel Energy Systems in Vandalia, Ohio

Heather Mann Hired as Associate Legal Counsel
Leadership Institute Member Heather Mann (2008 Class) was recently hired as Associate Legal Counsel for the Republican Caucus of the Ohio House of Representatives.




Maggie Thurber Starts Corsair Communications
Maggie Thurber (2002 Class) has started a new company, Corsair Communications, which specializes in helping individuals develop and refine their personal public relations skills for those in the limelight -- from political candidates to CEOs. 


Kathy Lowrey Accepts New Position as Director of Community Outreach
Lt. Col. Kathy Lowrey (2007 Class), Wing Executive Support Officer and Community Affairs Manager of the 121st Air Refueling Wing, will be accepting a new position at the Ohio National Guard's state headquarters in late winter. She will be serving as the Director of Community Outreach for the Ohio National Guard. Click to view full story.