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2007 - 2008 Class

A combination of Jo Ann Davidson,  Betty Montgomery, The Republican National Committee, The White House, twenty-three Republican Women, cocktails and sixty elephants is always a recipe for an empowering Jo Ann Davidson Ohio Leadership Institute's graduation trip to Washington D.C.  Below are the highlights.  

The Jo Ann Davidson Ohio Leadership Institute class of 2008 traveled to Washington D.C. April 21, 22 and 23.  We really enjoyed the tour of the RNC Headquarters.  We had our picture taken behind the GOP anchor desk, and bookcase, and the radio microphone.

We then walked to the Capitol Hill Club for a reception hosted by The RNC for the Excellence in Public Service Series and Leadership Institutes.  At the reception, it was inspiring to meet women from all over the country and listen to their stories of the leadership roles they are assuming in their communities.  A few of us even heard these women speak in amazement about Jo Ann Davidson and how they were plotting to get her autograph.  We let a few of them know that we had the inside track.  

Later, at the Excellence in Public Service Series Dinner, the Class of 2008 showed their love of the Buckeye State and Betty Montgomery as we all stood and cheered "OH - IO"  while Betty was presented with the Iron Jawed Angels Award.  The evening ended with a private gathering back at our hotel and the presentation of 60 elephant gifts  to Betty Montgomery in honor of her 60th birthday.  It only took 60 years, and the help of the JAD Institute Class of 2008, to ensure that Betty finally had a proper elephant collection.

After a very early start on Tuesday we arrived at the White House Fellows Office and met with Janet Slaughter.  It was humbling to hear her speak very personally and openly about how she balances her career with the White House Fellows and her family. She has two little boys, and one of them has Downs Syndrome. She spoke about her first pregnancy ending in the still birth of her child and how that has inspired her to write a book.  

This meeting with Janet Slaughter was followed by a luncheon hosted by The American Beverage Association and JAD alumni, Susan Fairless. We heard from the American Beverage Association's President, Susan Neely.  She gave us real insight about affecting public policy and how the major beverage companies worked proactively with the American Heart Association and the the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to create new school beverage guidelines.  It was a great perspective from the inside.  

The JAD Institute Class 2008 then enjoyed a fabulous, and much anticipated, graduation dinner in the company of Jo Ann Davidson, Betty Montgomery and Hon. Deborah Pryce.  After dinner, we toured the West Wing of the White House.  We were told that the President was flying in that night.  Upon hearing the helicopter, a few of us, with our faces plastered against the window, saw the helicopter land.  Now we could not pick the President out of the cluster of men sprinting towards the door, but in our world, we saw the President of the United States.

On our last day we had breakfast with Betty Southard Murphy of Baker Hostetler.  She was the only woman to serve as Chairman of the NLRB.  The trip wound down with a visit to the Small Business Administration at the National Women's Business Council where we spoke with our very own 2004 graduate, Kathy Eshelman. Kathy is serving a three year term on the Council.  It was inspiring to see a JAD Institute grad doing what we all want to do, being a leader and encouraging other women to become leaders.  

The trip to Washington D.C. demonstrated how empowering we, as women, can be, not only to our communities, but to our country. Being a lifetime member of the Jo Ann Davidson Ohio Leadership Institute is an immeasurable honor.  

2008 Class Member,  Landis Terhune-Olaker


The Jo Ann Davidson Ohio Leadership Institute’s Summer Picnic will be held on the evening of Tuesday, July 15 in the central Ohio area.


If anyone is interested in sharing a room at the national convention please email Diane Carnes at dianec55@hotmail.com .


April 2008 - Melanie Martin Jones made partner at Porter Wright.

May 2008 - The Southern Ohio GOP Chairs Association elected Diane Carnes as Chair of the organization. 


Congresswoman Deborah Pryce, Betty Montgomery and Jo Ann Davidson congratulate the 2008 class at their graduation dinner.

Memers of the 2008 Class outside the Longworth building.

Senator Voinovich meets with the 2008 class.

Class members enjoy the Spring DC weather and enjoy their camaraderie between meetings.

2008 Class Members learn about the National Women's Business Council from 2004 Institute graduate, Kathy Eshelman who serves on the NWBC. Its executive director, Margaret Barton, hosts the class at the Small Business Administration building.

White House Fellows Director Janet Eissenstat met with class members and discussed the White House Fellows program, pictured with class members (4th from left).