Application Details

I. Criteria for Selection


Each year we select between 20 and 25 outstanding Republican women leaders in the state to receive this specialized training in politics and public service.  The students are chosen by the Institute’s Class Recruitment and Selection Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees after an extensive review and interview process. 


Program participants are selected based upon demonstrated leadership skills through employment or public service.  Candidates whose applications demonstrate (1) achievement; (2) leadership ability; and (3) commitment to public/political/community service will be invited to an interview.  The interview will allow the committee members to evaluate each candidate’s (1) communication skills; (2) general presence; and (3) sincerity of commitment to public/political/community service and the goals of the program.


II. Instructions for Application Submission


Please submit the application online no later than June 15.  Included in the application are the following:


A.    A photo (headshot) to be used for press purposes.


B.    TWO references, completed in full, one from a fellow Republican and the other a business or civic leader.  Both references must know you personally.  The application will require that you submit responses to the prompts below from EACH of your references.


1.     Reference's Name:

2.     Reference's Address: Street, City, State, Zip:

3.     Home Phone Number:

4.     Office Phone Number:

5.     Reference's Email Address:

6.     Please explain how you know the nominee.

7.     Please explain why you feel the person you are nominating should be considered for the Institute.

8.     Confirmation that on of the references is a member of the Republican Party

9.     Confirmation that both references are not related to the nominee.



NOTE:  Partial applications can not be saved and completed at a later time. Incomplete applications may be rejected at the discretion of the Committee.  Please do NOT send resume or additional materials.


Questions to:


III. Process for Selection


If chosen as a finalist, after preliminary review of all applications submitted, the Institute will ask you to come to Columbus for a personal interview August 8 and 9, 2019.  All information submitted is confidential.  Announcement of selection for the Institute will be in August.


IV. Responsibilities, if Selected


A.  Every class member will be required to attend classes, which are held one full day a month from September through May with the exception of December.


B.  Every class member is responsible to pay $300.00 tuition fee.  The class member will also be responsible to pay for the cost of transportation to Washington D.C. for the final class in May.  The Institute will work with you on a payment plan if requested.


C.  Please check the scholarship box in the application if you would like to be considered for a scholarship.

NOTE:  If you are interested in a scholarship, you will need to prepare a SEPARATE letter with your application detailing your interest and need for a scholarship that can be uploaded on the online application.