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About The Jo Ann Davidson Ohio Leadership Institute

Our Program

The Institute is a network of Republican women who are a resource for each other and mentors for our next generation of Republican women. The Institute’s curriculum includes seven day-long seminars—one day each month—from September through April (excluding December), and a three-day networking/training session, typically in May, in Washington, D.C. 


About The Jo Ann Davidson Ohio Leadership Institute

Why It Was Created

In the decades following the “women’s movement”, we witnessed the successful impact of women in their communities, businesses, government, and politics.  As a result, the number of women business and political leaders increased significantly.  Today, women continue to achieve success in the business community as well as in local community service involvement, but the number of women in political office has not significantly increased.


Ohio’s adoption of term limits forced the retirement of many long-serving women leaders.  Additionally, the complexity and expense of electoral politics cause too many women to feel unprepared for the political arena.  The most common reasons women give for their lack of involvement are: “I am not qualified.” or “It is not a good time for me to serve.”

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About The Jo Ann Davidson Ohio Leadership Institute

What It Can Do For You

Our mission is to encourage, inspire and prepare you to attain a new level of leadership in your community, government and politics.  To that end, the Board and faculty of the Institute will:

  • Provide you with introductions and access to political and government leaders responsible for candidate recruitment and Board and Commission appointments;

  • Prepare you for key roles in your community, politics and public service, and make your name available to key leaders;

  • Connect you to an effective statewide Republican network of women, including those leaders who have paved the way for your success;

  • To educate you regarding the often difficult and rigorous challenges of politics and governing.